ICAP Expands Soft Commodities Team

New York, 2 April 2012 -- ICAP Corporates LLC, the commodity futures and options trading arm of the world’s leading interdealer broker ICAP plc, announces the expansion of its soft commodities group to include a full-service cotton broking team.  The three principals of VIP Commodities, Ltd., the leading global cotton options broker, have joined ICAP and will offer execution services in the open outcry pit, electronic, voiced blocks, and over-the-counter markets. 

The group is comprised of Vincent Pepe, Louis Barbera, and Marco Degennaro who bring years of experience and customer relationships to ICAP’s global commodities business.  The team is based in New York on the floor of the ICE U.S. Futures Exchange.  The addition of this team further strengthens ICAP’s global soft commodities business, which serves clients in New York, Chicago, Louisville, London, Sao Paulo and Sydney.

Vincent Pepe, said: “We are excited to join ICAP and continue to provide the best service for our clients. Our promise to our clients continues to be excellence in execution.”

Todd Creek, Co-President of ICAP Corporates LLC, said:  “ICAP is a global leader in commodities brokering because each of our teams are market leaders in their respective products.  Through this expertise we are able to provide the best execution and the deepest pools of liquidity to our clients.  As the market leader in cotton options, VIP is a perfect fit to our existing portfolio and we are thrilled to have them on board.”

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Brittany Warren ICAP Energy    +1 502 238 8062
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ICAP Corporates LLC, a division of ICAP plc, the world’s leading electronic and voice interdealer broker, is a leader in exchange-based trading, providing access to over 70 global exchanges, offering direct market access (DMA), algorithmic trading, and liquidity sourcing through multiple ICAP-supported trading platforms.  The group provides 24-hour coverage with an established presence in New York, Chicago, and London.  For more information go to www.icap.com.

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ICAP Energy, a division of ICAP plc, is an innovative leader in commodities, providing over the counter broking and advisory capabilities to a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the world.  The group has approximately 350 staff located in North America, London, Amsterdam, Bergen, Singapore, and Sydney.  ICAP Energy offers real-time price discovery and execution services in crude oil and oil products, electricity, natural gas, coal, softs, agriculture, commodity indexes,  base and precious metals, iron ore, emission credits, freight, weather derivative and physical products.  For more information go to www.icapenergy.com