ICAP plc Board Change

London, 31 March, 2015 – ICAP plc (IAP.L), a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services, announces today that following the announcement on 31 March 2014, John Nixon, Group Executive Director, Americas has retired from his role and has today resigned from the board of ICAP plc.


Serra Balls Group Head of Communications +44 (0)20 7050 7103
Alex Dee Head of Investor Relations +44 (0)20 7050 7123


In accordance with section 430 (2B) of the Companies Act 2006, the following information sets out details of the remuneration payments which may be made to Mr Nixon:

Mr Nixon continued to receive his usual salary and benefits until 31 March 2015, the date of his retirement, as follows:

  • annual salary of US$500,000 per annum, paid in monthly installments; and
  • benefits relating to medical life insurance and travel.

An annual bonus payment in respect of 2014/15 will be determined following the end of the financial year. This bonus will take into account Mr Nixon’s individual performance over the period. No grant of Bonus Share Matching Plan (BSMP) matching shares will be made to Mr Nixon in respect of the 2014/15 bonus.

Outstanding awards under the BSMP will be treated in accordance with the relevant plan rules. This includes the use of the Remuneration Committee’s discretion as regards to retirement provisions. The matching awards for 2012, 2013 and 2014 will be pro-rated in line with his length of service and vest subject to the appropriate performance condition being satisfied.

All payments are in line with ICAP’s stated Remuneration Policy, agreed by shareholders at the 2014 annual general meeting. Full details of payments in respect of the 2014/15 financial year will be published in the 2015 Directors’ Remuneration Report.

As previously disclosed, ICAP has entered into a consultancy agreement with Mr Nixon effective 1 April 2015.

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ICAP is a leading markets operator and provider of post trade risk mitigation and information services. Group companies provide services that match buyers and sellers in the wholesale markets in interest rates, credit, commodities, FX, emerging markets and equity derivatives through voice and electronic networks. Through our post trade risk and information services we help our customers manage and mitigate risks in their portfolios. For more information go to www.icap.com.