ICAP'S Chris Ferreri is Elected New Chair of the WMBAA

WASHINGTON, D.C.; February 14, 2012 – The Wholesale Market Brokers' Association Americas announced today Chris Ferreri has been elected Chair of the Association. Mr. Ferreri is Managing Director of Hybrid Trading at ICAP. He succeeds Tullett Prebon Senior Managing Director Shawn Bernardo.

"I'm excited to become Chair of the WMBAA at this critical time as we continue to be deeply involved with regulators on the pending SEF rule-makings, as well as continuing our work with Congress to improve the integrity of the markets while also preserving liquidity," commented Mr. Ferreri. "I'd also like to thank Shawn Bernardo for his leadership of the WMBAA which has included overseeing the highly successful SEFCON II conference, as well as his strong advocacy on behalf of all of our members."

The WMBAA has also elected Christopher Giancarlo Vice Chair. Mr. Giancarlo is Executive Vice President at GFI Group.

The position of Chairman is rotated every six months between the member firms of WMBA Americas.

About WMBA Americas
The Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association Americas (WMBA Americas) is an independent industry body representing the largest inter-dealer brokers (IDBs) operating in the North American wholesale markets across a broad range of financial products. The WMBAA and its member firms have developed a set of Principles for Enhancing the Safety and Soundness of the Wholesale, Over-The-Counter Markets.Using these Principles as a guide, the association seeks to work with Congress, regulators, and key public policymakers on future regulation and oversight of over-the-counter (OTC) markets and their participants. By working with regulators to make OTC markets more efficient, robust and transparent, the association sees a major opportunity to assist in the monitoring and consequent reduction of systemic risk in the country’s capital markets.

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